If your wireless network signal is too weak: Position your wireless router, modem router, or access point in a central location. Try to avoid putting it in a corner. We recommend placing the router no more than 50 feet away from your TV. Use a wireless repeater to boost your wireless signal strength.

Check WiFi Router. First of all, you should check whether the WiFi router is working properly. On your … My LG smart tv stopped connecting to the internet Jul 14, 2018 How to change Wi-Fi networks on Apple TV | iMore Apr 21, 2016

6 Ways to Fix Apple TV Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Mar 02, 2020 How to Connect to a Wireless Network with the Apple TV Turn on the Apple TV and your television, then switch the TV to the input channel to which the Apple …

If possible, connect your iOS device to a different network to rule out home network configuration problems as the cause of your issue. To choose a different wireless network: Press the Home button on your device. Select Settings. Select Wi-Fi. Select a different network and connect to it.

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