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Apr 17, 2020 FCC Pushes Verizon to Allow Tethering at No Extra Charge Prior to this action, Verizon had required its customers to pay $20 a month for official tethering functionality on top of their data plan charges. The FCC was investigating whether the carrier was in compliance with the "C Block rules" pertaining to its acquired license for C Block spectrum. Verizon Grandfathered/Legacy Unlimited Data Plans (gUDP Nov 02, 2019 Verizon's Android tethering block: What really happened

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Mar 23, 2020 Verizon Can No Longer Charge For Tethering, FCC Declares

Verizon to Allow Third-Party Tethering Apps on Android

Verizon Mobile Hotspot FAQs – Get sharable Wi-Fi internet Mobile Hotspot lets you share your Verizon Wireless network connection with other devices, so they can access the internet. Devices can connect to your Mobile Hotspot using Wi-Fi. While devices are connected, you'll be charged for any data they use according to your monthly data plan.