Aug 05, 2014 · Don't know if you still have the issue, I recently started having the issue (seemingly out of no-where); just thought I'd post my fix. I have SuperAntiSpyware on my computer (I'm not advertising for them, just don't want anyone to go through all the long hours I went through), there's a tool in the "Repairs" section called "Repair broken Network Connection (Winsock LSP Chain)".

"Error 0x000002D0: A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network settings for this connection. For further assistance, click More Info or search Help and Support Center for this error number." Oct 09, 2017 · I am using Azure Point to Site VPN for last one year, from past one week I am unable to connect to the VPN, just on my laptop, I am getting the following error, " A connection to the remote computer could not be established. Krista Little June 12, Reseting Unicast and choose to "Reset TCP/IP" Reboot and try your VPN connection. Thank The 720 error:720 No PPP control protocols configured Either there are no PPP network control protocols configured for you Reliance Net connection, or the corresponding network protocol is not installed. However the same connection works if use some other PC. Is there a way to resolve it. It verifies the username/password then during negotiating protocols it seems to fail. hi friends, When i connect my dialup connection , i am getting this error message [B] "Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not When viewing the Event Logs for Windows, it throws an error 720 when trying to connect. I have done a full tcp/ip reset, uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, deleted and recreated the VPN multiple times and it will never connect and just says "Connection to the remote server cannot be established, you may need to check the network settings".

Dec 19, 2003 · When I click on more info it says, 'A connection could not be established because the Point to Point Protocol (PPP) settings on your computer and on the remote computer do not match.' A few other points :

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Jun 09, 2011 · Thanks!! This worked for me too as of Jan 29,2016.. Very odd how I have been using this VPN for a year with no issues and all of a sudden this morning it stopped working and my employee couldn’t get into the vpn anymore..

Jason, about 7 yrs, 5 mths ago Saturday February 16, 2013 6:01 AM. Thank you this helped me a lot. I found out that it was the Static address i assigned my server from the DHCP server. since the request came from the same mac the server kept giving it the same IP address. when i removed my DHCP reservation and turned it back to DHCP on the VPN server everything worked perfectly.