After a Java 6 installation, there is a large collection of Java files is deeply embedded into OS X, and, unlike the simple plug-in for the browser, it's not easy to uninstall all those files. And

Here are some steps to uninstall Java on your Mac OS X. Don’t Miss: 11 Best Websites for Java Developers. Remove the Java Runtime . It is much easy to do. Just open a Terminal window and enter the following two lines. sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin . How to Remove Java from MacOS - University of Miami Page 2 of 3 6. Click Agree in the following window to uninstall Java Runtime Environment. 7. The tool will show you which versions of Java it detects. Leave the check box checked and click Uninstall. 8. If you are prompted to provide administrative permission, enter the password for your How to remove Java 10? Or revert to the previous version The Java updater on my Mac installed an obscure version of Java 10.0.1 which I never heard before. The result is that ALL my java apps are not running anymore, which makes Java pointless. The official instructions to remove Java are: sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin The correct way to remove Oracle Java completely

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How to Perform a Complete Java Uninstall on Mac? | MacsPro So, how can a user completely remove Java from his Mac? While some people think it is impossible to remove Java in full, others claim several ways help to solve the problem. The second group of users is right: it is possible to erase Java completely. Uninstall Oracle Java 7 Source:

The whole uninstall process may takes even less than one minute to finish, and then all items associated with Oracle Java has been successfully removed from your Mac! Benefits of using MacRemover: MacRemover has a friendly and simply interface and even the first-time users can easily operate any unwanted program uninstallation.

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