Re: Windows 10 hyper-v default switch problems when VPN turned on Oh I thought the problem was that you couldn't get Internet in VMs with host VPN on. okay so I just tried it on my PC. first restarted Windows, connected to my VPN, set Windows 10 enterprise VM to use the default switch, started the VM, then checked and I had both Internet and

Hyper-V external virtual switches do not have the option of using a VPN connection as a network adapter. I see no VPN functionality for Hyper-V virtual switches as well. level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 21 days ago. What does HyperV do different that allows it to share the same cores between Windows 10 and Linux. Also are there other Make USB devices accessible to a Windows XP virtual Jul 26, 2013 Hyper-V: Getting Your Host And Guest Connected - Brent

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