With ipconfig I can show the list of network adapters and their settings, e.g. the IP address.. I'm looking for a reverse command that displays the name of the network adapter for a given IP address. I have tried filtering the output of ipconfig with a command like ipconfig | find "" but then the adapter name is gone.. My output of ipconfig is (the tricky part seems that I have

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server 2012 Configure IP address using netsh command

Jun 07, 2019

Since you know everything else about the adaptor, and since you are using Server 2008, you can (and should) just add your routes with netsh using the interface name: netsh int ipv4 add route / Use of the route command is generally deprecated in 2008+.

Using netsh WLAN show interfaces to Monitor Association/Roaming. Posted by Matt Frederick on September 17, 2016 September 17, 2016. In April, John Cosgrove (@rtr_man) posted the following way to monitor your WLAN association statistics that I have been using and playing with since: MTU And change connection's MTU limit Nov 07, 2014 Using Microsoft’s netsh - Network Data Pedia Oct 14, 2019