Turkey’s new internet law: policing the online mall Since the protests in Gezi Park eight months ago freedom of expression has coming under increasing attack, both on and offline.

Turkey joined the internet in April 1993. As early as 1991, drawing on French legislation, Turkey enacted rudimentary computer related criminal law provisions (Yazıcıoğlu, 2011). In 2000-2001 the then government proposed an amendment to the press code with the provision of treating the “Internet as a subject to Press Code.” A recent law proposal which provides significant changes to the Law on Regulation of Broadcasts via Internet and Prevention of Crimes Committed through Such Broadcasts ("Law No. 5651") has been published on Grand National Assembly of Turkey's ("TBMM") website on July 21, 2020 ("Proposal"). The 2 days ago · The leading Justice and Development Party (AKP) proposed the law to the Turkish parliament on July 21, according to local news reports and a draft reviewed by CPJ. The draft said it would require social media companies with more than one million users in Turkey to store those users’ data in the country, and open offices staffed with local Companies that fail to appoint a representative within 30 days of the Bill becoming law would face a series of fines and a reduction of bandwidth of up to 90 per cent. Social-network providers would have 48 hours to respond to orders to remove “offensive content” and would be required to store data on users in Turkey inside the country.

Turkish riot police fire water cannon and tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators marching in Istanbul in protest at new laws tightening government control of the internet.

A key role is being played by the new Internet law no. 5651. Turkey's restrictions on the world wide web offer three cases which illustrate the tensions between censorship and participatory democracy. One is the restriction on (political) speech, especially where constitutes an insult to "Turkishness" or Turkey’s founder, Atatürk. Turkey: Internet Freedom, Rights in Sharp Decline | Human Sep 02, 2014

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - In Turkey, new controls regulating internet use have come into force. The government says all broadcasters, who are already restricted, need to abide by the same rules on the

Turkey is violating international law. It took lessons Oct 22, 2019 Istanbul clashes over Turkey's new internet laws - BBC News