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Sentence Examples This is perhaps because they give a kind of vicarious satisfaction to the pugnacity inherent in all of us. Empathy and familiarity with someone gives rise to a vicarious capacity to experience his responses, a kind of second nature. Vicariously in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote 22 sentence examples: 1. She tried to live vicariously through her children. 2. The holder is vicariously liable for a contravention. 3. In spoiling the children they are vicariously spoiling themselves. 4. Alternatively, they are expressed vicarious How to use VICARIOUS in a sentence - YouTube

vicariously definition: The definition of vicariously is indirectly or as a substitute for someone else. (adjective) When an employer is liable for the negligence of his employee simply because of the employment relationship, this is an example of a situ

vicarious liability: Obligation that arises from the relationship of one party with another. For example, a principal is generally liable for the agent's acts performed in the course of the agent's duties assigned by the principal; and an employer for the action or inaction of an employee in the normal course of her or her employment or Jan 29, 2020 · 1. I watched people sky-diving and felt a vicarious rush of excitment. 2. When I went to a Tool concert they played Vicarious. Skilless rogue Vicarious, Dentarg EU, that didn't get boosted in normal way (2 guys join your arena team and boost up your rating) but he gave his acc info to another player that has skills and that's how they did it

How to use Vicariously in a Sentence? 1. Here nature tinkers vicariously with souls; and she seldom has time to complete her work. 🔊 2.

A vicarious experience implies that the person was experiencing something through the actions or feelings of another person. An example of a sentence using the word "vicarious" is "It was a