Jan 12, 2018

OpenDNS not working – OpenDNS flushed all cache and dns on all machines, waited a day or so, still the sites I have listed on the opendns account are not being blocked. Also on the opendns page I see an ip address of, but on the opendns updater (which I have on one pc on the second router/network), it shows ip address as, which is my providers' ip. Troubleshooting/DNS - FreeIPA 1 Getting logs; 2 Reporting bugs; 3 Kerberos does not work; 4 named on server does not start; 5 PTR synchronization does not work; 6 Forward zone does not work. 6.1 DNSSEC validation; 6.2 missing zone delegation; 6.3 Forward policy set to none; 7 DNSSEC signing does not work. 7.1 DNSSEC signing is not enabled for the particular zone; 7.2 DNSSEC master is not configured; 7.3 DNSSEC key master DNS not working with Mobile connect but working with When using the Mobile connect however only requests that match the suffix list supplied by the SRA will be sent to the SRA. All other DNS requests that do not match the suffix list will be directed to the public DNS server that is configured for a local connection (Ethernet, Wi-Fi etc.).

DNS: Scavening: Records are not deleted if scavenging

Hi , sometimes it's how you have entered the forwarding address. Please check your dns settings. 😊 My DNS doesn't work – Cloudflare Help Center DNS resolution failures occur if DNSSEC is not disabled at your domain provider before you add the domain to Cloudflare. Nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare If you manage DNS records via the DNS app in Cloudflare's Dashboard and your domain stops pointing to Cloudflare's nameservers, DNS resolution will break. How to Fix: Can't Connect to Domain Controller (DNS Does

If the queried DNS server does not have a match for the query name, it will return a referral to a DNS server authoritative for a lower level of the domain namespace. The DNS client will then make a query to the referral address. This process continues with additional DNS servers down the query chain until either an error or timeout occurs.

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