Click Windows Start at left end of Task Bar, put the following in Search Box or Run, and press [Enter]: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google. That should open an Explorer window with folders including "Chrome". Right-click on the "Chrome" folder, and then click "Restore previous versions" in the pop-up menu to open the Chrome Properties window.

To delete a profile in Google Chrome, click on the browser menu and select the "Settings" option and in the window we will go to the "people" section where we will see the following: Step 1 There we click on the "Manage other people" line and in the pop-up window click on the menu of each profile and select the "Delete this person" line. Step 2. Remove Google Chrome program folder. 1. Delete Chrome program folder from Program Files. To do that: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Google [or to 'C:\Program Files (x86)' if your own 64bit Windows] Delete the Chrome folder . Step 3. Remove Google Chrome Profile storage folder. Windows – Edit the shortcut and make sure it’s launching with something like "C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe" --restore-last-session Post navigation Previous Post MariaDB 10.1 and SystemD start issue Next Post Installing Parallels Tools on Centos 8 Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat Issue Fixes Due to a recent change in how Adobe PDF documents can be viewed and downloaded in Google Chrome, we have been notified of four available fixes to solve the issue.

But when i restore my lab with this master, and i open Chrome and Preferences, i have this message : Chrome detected that some of your settings were corrupt by another program and reset them to their original defaults. Feb 15, 2017 · How to completely remove Google Chrome in Windows. (All Versions) Important: Keep in mind that if you follow this procedure, then you lose all your personal profile information stored on Google Chrome, including Bookmarks, Passwords, Settings, etc. Follow this procedure at your own responsibility if any of the other solutions didn’t have any effect. May 15, 2020 · "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-gpu Step 4: Tap Apply and tap Continue to grant administrative permission to change the settings. Step 5: Next, click OK.

Chrome Version (type about:version into your omnibox): 32.0.1700.72 m Operating System (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS): Windows 7 Extensions (type Chrome:extensions into your omnibox): Ghostery, AdBlock,Click&Clean, etc. My user profile became corrupted several days ago. To find Chrome settings, go to the Chrome menu (the three dots next to your profile picture) and select Settings, or type chrome://settings into the omnibar. Here, you’ll find a centralized set of controls that manages tabs, search engines, privacy, how content is displayed, how cookies and site data are used, and lots of other settings.