se·ñor (sān-yôr′, sĕ-nyôr′) n. pl. se·ño·res (sān-yôr′ās, sĕ-nyō′rĕs) 1. Abbr. Sr. a. Used as a courtesy title before the surname, full name, or professional title of a man in a Spanish-speaking area. b. Used as a form of polite address for a man in a Spanish-speaking area. 2. A Spanish or Spanish-speaking man. [Spanish, from Old

The word "hola" can in fact have an accent, depending on who is saying it. It's a Spanish word, so someone of actual Spanish descent may have an accent while saying the word. [HOLA SCHOOL WITH KARD] GUESSING LATIN ACCENTS - YouTube Apr 09, 2019 Spanish ACCENT Rules and Practice - Hola Qué Pasa Welcome to our grammar lesson about Spanish Accents or Accent Marks (also called “tildes” in Spanish). Every word in Spanish has a melody to it. An element that plays a key role in that melody is the accent, accent mark or “tilde” we see on top of a vowel in some Spanish words.. Only vowels can have accents in Spanish, and when they have it, they look like this: á, é, í, ó, ú. How to Type Accent Marks Over Letters in Microsoft Word

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