Pretend You’re On The Domain With Runas /NetOnly

Mar 27, 2014 Run a command as a different user in Powershell - IT Droplets I also made sure the script was running under domain admin that also has local admin over every computer by adding the command “whoiam” to my script. Any idea why when I use start-process -verb RunAs it opens the script as admin but does not recognize the command manage-bde. Every other commands work but this one. Thanks, Alex RunAs using VBScript | Anand, the Architect Mar 01, 2007 PowerShell — Run As another user & Elevate the process

Windows runas command syntax and examples

Run application as administrator with Runas and run as A lot of runas alternatives accept a password as argument to run software with administrator rights from a user account. Most of this utilities store the administrator credentials encrypted, but security problem are the reversible encryption, which is necessary, that applications can start with that stored administrator password.

Mar 15, 2018

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