Startpage was initially a separate service, serving up Google search results without the privacy headaches, but in 2016, it subsumed Ixquick’s old meta-search product entirely.

StartPage Search Engine Review (2019) | VPNpro Aug 29, 2019 Quitting Startpage for good : StartpageSearch I love Startpage's mission to create an alternative search engine that doesn't snoop on users' privacy. Unfortunately, the UI makes it hard for me to keep it as my default search engine. As much as I prefer not to use Google, I must admit that their UI is well-designed and I wish Startpage would incorporate some of that hard-earned designed StartPage Reviews - 19 Reviews of | Sitejabber Hi Lorraine. StartPage gets its results from Google, but serves them without any bias based on your past searches. (StartPage doesn't collect user personal information so "tailoring" results would not be possible, anyway.) I just re-created a search at StartPage with the term you mentioned, "is … The Best Private Search Engines — Alternatives to Google is infected by trojans (this is the default

Select Startpage as the default search engine by following these steps: If you are using Windows or Linux, go to the Settings menu. If you are using a Mac, go to the Preferences menu; Click Search in the left panel; Select, then select Set as Default Seach. Select Set as Private Search to use Startpage in private browsing windows is infected by trojans (this is the default

Aug 29, 2019

Make your default search engine. | by Julia