A development implementation of an Identity Server (found in almost all examples online) uses a Temporary Signing Certificate to sign the JWT tokens. A temporary key is created every time the identity server is restarted. A new signing certificate makes all the tokens generated before invalid. In a production environment however, you want the tokens to be valid after a re-deploy of the

Jul 01, 2011 [Solved] What is TemporaryKey.pfx - CodeProject Jul 28, 2011 TemporaryKey.pfx was deleted. How to create a new one? Jun 06, 2010 Problem with TemporaryKey.pfx

Jul 23, 2020

Nov 09, 2019 Re-enter password for <solution>_Temporarykey.pfx in I am using a generated temporary certificate (with the name _Temporarykey.pf x) to be able to publish the application and this works fine. Today I needed to recover my computers password and this seems to be causing a problem:

Jul 28, 2011

OpenSSL will enable us to combine the public certificate (.crt) and private key (.key) into a .p12/.pfx file, which is easily loaded into a Java keystore. Download OpenSSL and install it to the server OS. Copy the public certificate and private key file into a temporary working directory, such as D:\Certs.