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networking - Windows 7 VPN Error 619 - Super User This is passing through a router and the router has the relevant VPN passthrough options configured. All internal machines are working correctly with other forms of VPN, ie Cisco, Sonic etc (these were tested on other machines, they are not installed on the Vista or Windows 7 machines). VPN connection error 619 Solutions | Experts Exchange My vpn server is behind my linksys router, and I also open the port there PPTP 1723-1723 / L2TP 1701-1701 to Eveytime when I use my public ip 76.x.x.x, I always see this message. Comment Home Basic - VPN 691 error | Vista Forums Jan 13, 2009

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If you receive the VPN 807 error, it is possible that the problem is caused by your firewall. To solve the problem, you must find your VPN client in your firewall and make sure that your VPN … Error 619 when trying to connect through VPN? | Yahoo Answers Sep 30, 2011 VPN error 619 - Windows 7 Help Forums

Jan 13, 2009

Please describe the exact setup. You have a computer behind the WRT54G2 and you want to connect from that computer to some VPN server in the internet? What VPN client do you use? What VPN server? Try to telnet to the VPN server, i.e. open a command prompt window and enter "telnet 1723". Put in the host name of the VPN I get Error 619 when trying to log on using a GPRS modem May 23, 2010 Windows XP / 2000: PPTP VPN uses - Portal Home - ibVPN Windows XP/2000 uses the wrong DNS for the PPTP VPN connections. Learn how to fix the issue. Please check the following article: VPN Errors - worldvpn ERROR 789 This is an L2TP error. Try to use PPTP instead. If you are using VISTA, please make sure that you initiate the L2TP connection using our connection tool and