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How to Rename File & Change Download Location in Chrome Jul 18, 2018 Firefox apk free download mobile browser v.v.61.0 for android Jul 07, 2018 Download and Install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android Devices Firefox OS for Android Free Download. Here is the procedure all you need to download and install Firefox OS 2.5 on Android devices. 1) Navigate to the official Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 page. 2) Click on the “Get the Android App” button to download it. 3) Once the app is downloaded, just install it on your phone as like other Android apps. 4 downloading - Firefox for Android: Download a video file

FireFox is a popular free web browser for computers you can now use also on your Android smartphone or tablet. This open source app provides you the same reliability you got on its desktop version and it's a great alternative to your default web browser.

How do I change download location in android app? Discussion When I close the android app all the pictures I downloaded into the default download folder get deleted for some reason no idea why so I'm tring to change the default download directory but so far following the instructions to add a new string in about:config have not worked.

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