Duke has purchased a license to allow the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to connect using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Apple mobile devices. The VPN client is a free download. Open iTunes and search for Cisco AnyConnect; or click on this link to open the download link at the iTunes AppStore

Cisco supports the AnyConnect version that is currently available in the app store; however, fixes and enhancements are provided only in the most recently released version. Step 1. Download the Cisco AnyConnect App from the App Store. Note: The Cisco Legacy AnyConnect will not work with the VPN. Overview Tufts VPN can be used from an iOS device (including iPhones and iPads) by downloading the AnyConnect application from the App Store. It provides Tufts users with a secure remote link to the Tufts network allowing mobile devices access to web pages that have Tufts-only access restrictions. Jul 07, 2020 · Cisco AnyConnect provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity from any Apple iOS by delivering persistent corporate access for users on the go. Whether providing access to Cisco AnyConnect is an app designed to let you connect securely to VPNs. This is an app for enterprise users who need a secure way to connect to a VPN at their place of work. Coming from a trusted The documentation below shows the process of setting up the AnyConnect application to connect to CU Boulder's VPN service for Apple iOS users. Step 1 Install AnyConnect from the App Store. *Note: If you are currently using AnyConnect for another VPN, you do not need to reinstall the application. The University recommends Cisco AnyConnect software to connect to the Yale VPN. Use this article to learn how to install and configure Cisco AnyConnect on Apple iOS Devices, such as: iPad, iPhone, iPod.

Jan 14, 2011 · Cisco VPN on iOS Updated 1/14/11 Page 3 of 3 5. Touch the ʻAcceptʼ button when the banner pops up and you should be connected (VPN added to the status bar at the top of the screen) 6. Once complete and wanting to disconnect from the VPN launch the Cisco AnyConnect app and slide the ʻONʼ switch to ʻOFFʼ

Sep 22, 2010 · Cisco AnyConnect™ Secure Mobility Solution is now available from the Apple App Store. The solution offers highly secure network connectivity from any Apple iOS 4.1 device, improving the