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2 days ago · Auto start Outlook when turning on your computer. Then the Startup folder pops up, right click inside the box and then click Paste. Or you can press Ctrl + V to paste the Outlook shortcut into the folder. And finally close the folder. From now on, when you start your computer, the Outlook program will be launched automatically. How to Prevent Programs From Loading at Windows Startup 2019-11-3 · Preventing unnecessary programs from running at Windows startup is a great way to speed up your computer. After you determine which programs run when Windows boots, you can choose which ones to remove from launch at startup. All programs use system resources—operating memory—so any program that you prevent from running reduces memory use and may speed up your PC. Prevent programs from starting automatically in Windows 10 2020-1-14 · To remove a shortcut from the Startup folder:. Press Win-r.In the "Open:" field, type: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp. Press Enter.. Right-click the program you don't want to open at startup and click Delete.; If a shortcut you want in the Startup folder is pointing to the wrong program, correct it as follows: . In the Startup folder, right-click the appropriate How to disable or enable auto start of Teams application

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Starting Up and Shutting Down - Oracle Cloud - Managing auto-starting programs

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