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D-STAR - Wikipedia The Icom ID-1 1.2 GHz mobile radio was released in late 2004. The ID-1 was the first D-STAR radio that provided digital data (DD) mode operation. In this mode, data can be transferred at 128 kbit/s as a wireless bridge via the RJ-45 Ethernet jack on the radios. It was the only radio to provide this function until the release of the IC-9700 in 2019. Dual-chamber DDI mode | Cardiocases The DDI mode provides dual-chamber, sequential AV pacing with atrial sensing but no tracking of the sensed atria. AV synchrony is only provided at the current atrial pacing rate (base rate pacing, rate responsive pacing or rate-smoothed pacing). If the atrium is faster than the atrial pacing rate, there is inhibition of atrial pacing and Xdax_iPSP60 – DD Mode | Dollfie Dream mode! Jan 09, 2014