Ubuntu Manpage: flashcache - overview of operation

How To Install an RPM File on Linux (CentOS/RHEL & Fedora) Mar 03, 2019 dmsetup(8): low level logical volume management - Linux dmsetup manages logical devices that use the device-mapper driver. Devices are created by loading a table that specifies a target for each sector (512 bytes) in the logical device. Facebook's Flashcache For The Linux Kernel - Phoronix Sep 25, 2011

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Enabling or disabling Flash Cache

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Virident vCache vs. FlashCache: Part 1 - Percona Database May 16, 2013 Bcache against Flashcache for Ceph Object Storage | by Fast SSDs are getting cheaper every year, but they are still smaller and more expensive than traditional HDD drives. But HDDs have much higher latency and are easily saturated. However, we want to…