The number one reason Forte Agent is the best newsreader is that it shows 80% fewer articles than other newsreaders :-) For instance here is a breakdown of how Agent shows FAR FEWER articles than NewLeecher and Gravity Group: alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent Articles viewable: Gravity Newreader: shows 105,000 Newleecher shows 105,000

Usenet Newsreaders compatible with NewsDemon This Newsreader from MAC is easily the most popular Newsreader for its platform. Offers a variety of features including a favorites drawer, multiple accounts, download manager and more. Share Ware - $24.95 per full version. BNR Free Linux based Newsreader recommended for advanced users. Forte Agent / how to move the Data Folder? | Vista Forums Sep 05, 2007 What is a News Reader? Oct 11, 2017

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Using Forte Free Agent newsreader - Apple Community Dec 25, 2010 Agent Getting Started - 1. Installation - YouTube Oct 14, 2014 Download Forte Agent 7.20 Build 32.1218 Newsreader to help you keep track of your favorite articles gathered from all over the web, which also integrates an email client with support for POP and SMTP What's new in Forte Agent 7.20 Build Usenet Newsreaders compatible with NewsDemon