A tag is a special kind of Facebook link. You can tag people, photos, places and pages in anything you post on Facebook. And it’s a two-way street − anyone can tag you in photos and other information they post on Facebook. Anyone clicking on a tag has a direct …

How to Tag a Full Album in Facebook. Facebook lets you tag two types of information in photos--locations and contact names. Locations state each photo's setting, while contact names list who appears in each photo, and you can add these tags to the full album … How do i untag myself in my facebook photo? | Yahoo Answers Feb 16, 2013 How To Untag Yourself on Instagram - Social Buddy How To Untag Someone on Instagram. If you posted a photo and want to remove a tag for someone else, doing so is easy. When you tag someone on Instagram, you can remove or edit the tag immediately, as well as move the location of the tag on the photo itself. To go back later and remove or edit a tag on your own photo, do the following:

It is possible to mass untag myself in Facebook photos

Untag myself from a Facebook comment - Web Applications As the post is public, all of my friends and half of the country see it. I have a friend who gets tagged a lot in public posts and as a result she (involuntarily) pollutes my news feed with insensitive content. Question: How to remove the tag from that comment? Note: I don't want to untag myself from a picture or post, but from a comment. How do you tag someone in a video on Facebook? | AnswersDrive How do you untag someone in Facebook? As long as the photo was uploaded by you, you should be able to remove any tag on it: click on the photo, after it loads into the Photo Viewer click on the Edit button in the right column of the Viewer, each person tagged will be listed with an 'x' beside their name--clicking the 'x' removes the tag.

How do i untag myself in my facebook photo? | Yahoo Answers

How do untag myself on a tagged Facebook photo? - Ask Dave