How to find Concurrent Users for SharePoint and ASP.NET

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players; Last 30 Days: 457899.46 +715.0 +0.16%: 712610: June 2020 457184.42-27004.60-5.58%: 733294: May 2020 484189.02 Adobe Connect 8 * View and edit account information However, there is an upper limit specifying the number of concurrent users the account supports. If your organization uses the named organizer model, Connect specifies a maximum room capacity, which is displayed in the Concurrent Users Per Meeting field. The Meeting Peak Concurrent Users field is irrelevant when using the named organizer model What’s the difference between “Concurrent Users The starting and peak number of virtual users in LoadStorm represent concurrent users or the number of simulated users at a particular point in time. Each concurrent user will last for the duration of the script. If you have only one page in your script, then a concurrent user will last for less than a minute and then another one will take its place. For example, if you have a test with one Understanding the difference between total users and So we'll apply some statistical logic to arrive at a realistic number of concurrent users for a peak load test. To arrive at the number of logged in users, let's say 95% of clerical users and 33% of query users are logged in at once, therefore: (1,500 x .95) = 1425; (500 x .33) = 165; Total logged in users = 1,590.

May 06, 2010

Live stream metrics - YouTube Help Peak concurrent is the highest number of viewers during a live stream. Duration: How long the stream has lasted. Live chat messages: These messages can be turned off or filtered for Super Chat messages. To turn off or filter, tap the button at the center bottom. Likes: The total number of users that have liked the stream. Likes transfer to the Fortnite hit two records in February for peak concurrent

Mar 28, 2017

Update: That "reasonably smooth" rollout has hit a bit of a snag. After moving a little past 214,000 peak concurrent users on Steam, Bungie was forced to pull the plug for reasons unknown.