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Oct 01, 2010 How To Configure Linux as a Static Router – devconnected To delete a route, In this tutorial, you learnt how you can easily configure a Linux system as a static router. This setup can be quite useful if you plan on building a small network infrastructure for your company. Instead of buying and having to configure a Cisco router, you can simply use a Raspberry Pi as a static router. How to Add Persistent Static Routes in Windows Today I will show you how to add persistent static route in windows environment. Just like linux and unix environment, route command can be used to add static routes in Windows pc or windows server. There is a different between static route and persistent static route. Static route configuration will be erased after you reboot the machine. NSX-T Edge T0 Router: Static Route + SNAT instead of BGP Feb 06, 2020

• Router(config)# ip route destination_network subnet_mask interface_to_exit [administrative_distance] [permanent] The permanent keyword will keep the static route in the routing table even when the interface the router uses for the static route fails. Static Routing - Lab Practice. The following diagram shows our lab setup.

To illustrate static routing the example will be a small network with two routers and two workstations, with the workstations placed on the far ends of the network. On it, the routers are configured so that the FastEthernet 0/0 (fa0/0) interfaces are for the computer side of the network and the FastEthernet 0/1 (fa0/1) interfaces […]

If a static route needs to be persistent, add it to /etc/rc.conf: # Add Internal Net 2 as a persistent static route static_routes="internalnet2" route_internalnet2="-net" The static_routes configuration variable is a list of strings separated by a space, where each string references a route …

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