Jul 25, 2019

Apr 14, 2019 5 Ways to Block Certain Websites on iPhone and iPad Jun 18, 2020 Can't enable content blockers on your iPhone or iPad? Here

Best Ad Blocker for iPhone and iPad: AdGuard, StopAd

App Blocker - Instantly Block 70+ Apps & Games

AdBlock is the original iOS ad blocker, and has been the go-to for many iPhone and iPad users since 2012. Where AdBlock excels is in its ease of use - after installing the app, all you need to do

Mar 24, 2016 Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome - iPhone & iPad - Google On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app . Tap More Settings . Tap Content Settings Block Pop-ups. Turn Block Pop-ups on or off. Allow pop-ups for a specific site. Not all pop-ups are ads or spam. Some legitimate websites display web content in pop-up windows. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app . Go to a page where pop-ups are blocked. How to Block Apps on iPhone, A Guide | Freedom Matters Sep 28, 2017