A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure way of connecting through a public network (such as the Internet) to a remote network/location. This remote network is typically a private network, such as a workplace or home network, or one provided by a commercial VPN service.

FinchVPN review | TechRadar FinchVPN is an extremely simple VPN, horribly short on features.Doesn't sound too appealing, right? But its low prices and free plan might, just possibly, persuade you to give it a try. The Free & Premium VPN - FinchVPN for Android - APK Download Jul 06, 2018

Tuesday, April 07, 2020 Africa, anonytun VPN, Droid VPN, Finch VPN, Free internet tricks, Kenya, Kenyan Safaricom, Weekend Free Internet Tricks We are about to round up last week's free Internet trick and so as to start cooking up this weekend's free Internet trick.

Last week, Safaricom blocked the open port that Finch vpn users were using to browse for free and i received alot of complaints even though im still working on a new port to unblock it. What disappointed me most was the comments i was receiving on my blog. Internet Tricks: Kenyan Safaricom Free Internet trick

This Safaricom Free internet is powered by the oldest Free internet VPN”the Psiphon VPN” however we have reports that it also works on other VPNs like the Finch VPN, well we are going to share the Psiphon settings as it’s what we confirmed working, follow the instructions below to set up your android smartphone for free internet surfing on the Safaricom Network.

Self-Service - Safaricom. STEP 3: Creating An Api User Account on Your Paybill. Look at the Airtel 400gb and the safaricom finch vpn post i made. After your enter all that information it will ask you for an activation code will be sent to your mobile phone. Select the option of activate and press the ok button.