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Jun 15, 2017 Git - git Documentation If this environment variable is set to "1", then commands such as git blame (in incremental mode), git rev-list, git log, git check-attr and git check-ignore will force a flush of the output stream after each record have been flushed. If this variable is set to "0", the output of these commands will be done using completely buffered I/O. Get started using Git on Windows Subsystem for Linux Git config file setup. To set up your Git config file, open a command line for the distribution you're working in and set your name with this command (replacing "Your Name" with your Git username): `git config --global "Your Name"` Set your email with this command (replacing "" with the email you use on your Git gitconfig files - Azure Repos | Microsoft Docs

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How to Set Up Default Credentials for Git Config in Git Bash Set user’s Email in Git Config. After executing above command successfully, we will change our email. Type the following command. git config –global “Your EmailID” It will change the email id in the Git Config to the email id you mentioned in the command.

Apr 18, 2019

Set your name: $ git config --global "" Now set your email: $ git config --global "" Verify with git-it verify Go to the next challenge git-it. Tips. Dollar signs $ are often used in programming documentation to signify that the line is command line code (see the code snippets above). Authenticate with your Git repos - Azure Repos | Microsoft