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The problem is the log file. Naturally, the log file grows and grows with so much data manipulation. Our log file currently stands at about 1 TB. We have a good amount of disk space, but it is not infinite. From what we read on the Internet, we understand that the log file is necessary for transaction integrity, rollbacks, and recovery. How to stop the CBS.log file from growing so large Dec 27, 2017 Find Large Files in Linux | Linuxize Jul 21, 2020 SQL Server Transaction Log Administration Best Practices Apr 22, 2019

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A log file analysis often involves processing large amounts of data, particularly for larger websites. For small projects with few page views, log files could be read and analyzed manually. For websites that are frequently visited, special programs are required in which the log files can be entered and output according to specific requirements

Read file from command line Read file from command line. by Srini. We can read a text file from command line using type command. This command is similar to cat command on Linux. Example: Let us print the contents of the file … Parse log files with PowerShell – 4sysops Because some services write continuously to a log file, you may want to display new lines as soon as they appear. That's exactly the purpose of the -Wait parameter.. In this case, Get-Content continues to wait for new lines and displays them on the fly until you hit Ctrl+C. Please note that Get-Content still continues to wait for new lines even when the process or service writing to the file How To: Deleteing (zeroing out) large log files on Windows