Oct 30, 2017 · Therefore, make sure the application you want to make into a portable application is NOT installed on your computer before you start this process. A dialog box displays asking which program you want to open. We’re going to create a portable application, so we select Capture an installation and click OK.

Feb 16, 2016 · Clicking that gives the dialog box with default app selection that ends with “Look for an app in the Store”. Here’s the tricky bit: Click on the white space under the last option. This extends the list! Scroll to the bottom of this list (assuming your app isn’t listed). Click on the white space, under the last option, again! Some portable apps have an ‘installer’, but don't worry – this just unzips a compressed file archive and saves the extracted files to a location of your choice; it doesn’t make any changes Cameyo is a portable and free application virtualization software that converts software into a single executable, which you can bring and access it anywhere. You can also find most of the popular portable applications at its online public apps library. Creating a virtual app is extremely easy with Cameyo’s local or online packager. Mar 27, 2017 · In any case, after you get the portable app functional, you must make a shortcut to it: The easiest way is to create a shortcut in a portable launcher (or the portable launcher that comes with a suite of portable programs). Make your Non Portable Apps Portable: JauntePE is a Freeware tool created by Redllar that can be used to essentially Make Portable Apps. It works by attempting to convert conventional applications into portable applications that can be taken with you and used on any PC. Reveal Feature To Be Removed: One of the best ways for HP Sprocket to improve and grow is by listening to our favourite people—you, the sprocket users! With that in mind, we have decided to remove the Reveal feature from our app. Starting now, you will no longer be able to scan printed photos with the Sprocket app to see related content or scan the top of your device, if you have an HP

Aug 19, 2010 · While there are a myriad of useful applications and utilities which are available via portable distributions, many tools still remain in their “install only” format. This limitation, however, should not discourage you from using the respective program as a portable application. With a few tricks we are going to show you here, you may be able to add these programs to your collection of Thanks to the guys from Cameyo! they have come up with a new service 'Online Application Packager' which allows users to make portable applications online without the need of any clean machine and intervention (for most of the applications). So let us have a look on how to make your apps portable online for free. Apr 27, 2011 · Transfer the installer of the app you want to make portable to the virtual machine. Start ThinApp Setup Capture inside the virtual machine (it's somewhere in the start menu). Following the instructions there, ThinApp will create a snapshot of your OS inside the VM. When the snapshot is ready, ThinApp will tell you to install the application.

Mar 07, 2019 · The portable app does not automatically write anything to the host PC as a file, or as a registry entry in order to run. Any settings the app needs are written back to the same folder that the app is held in, on your USB device.

From that screen you can edit every aspect of your portable app…icons, memory management, where to save settings, isolation mode…and much more. CAMEYO is a really powerful tool to make portable software. People at CAMEYO is responsive and they have a support forum where you can take advantage of other “portable makers” experience.