Mullvad has fast connections as well and offers superb privacy with its stringent no-logs policy and anonymous account purchases. But one has to be better than the other, right? In this Mullvad vs. NordVPN comparison, I’ll review the two providers side by side and reveal the winner.

Mullvad VPN -- Full Review and Benchmarks | Tom's Guide Apr 13, 2020 Mullvad VPN Review - The Most "Anonymous" VPN? Aug 02, 2019 FAQ - Help | Mullvad VPN This can happen if the Mullvad VPN app can't find the TAP adapter. Solution: close and, re-install the latest Mullvad VPN App. Wait 5 mins (for the connection count to clear) and then try to connect, and see if this solves the issue.

Jan 02, 2020

From its physical servers to its no logs policy, to keeping minimum cookies, to its Swedish base and everything reflects confidentiality and anonymity. Mullvad VPN supports P2P capabilities for you to torrent your heart’s content with no long-term commitment. Jul 23, 2020 · Mullvad is a famously privacy-focused VPN with headquarters in Sweden. Where other VPNs make overtures to user anonymity, you can connect through Mullvad’s 663 international servers without ever Of course, even before the audit, Mullvad’s logging policy was one of the most transparent around, giving plenty of detail on what exactly they do and don’t log. No Personal Information Required When signing up with Mullvad, you don’t have to provide any personal info, not even an email address. Mar 21, 2018 · Mullvad’s owners are very strong believers in internet privacy and they created their service to protect the public from government snooping, Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling and potential legal action. They are adamant that they keep no logs and their encryption procedures are strong enough to keep all of your activities private.

Mullvad stores no activity logs of any kind, no connections, no IP addresses, no bandwidth or anything like that. The only thing Mullvad does check is the amount of simultaneous connections to make sure a user doesn’t go over the five connections allowed.

Mullvad accepts payment via credit/debit card (via PayPal), Swish, bank wire, and Bitcoin. It is also unique among VPN providers as it accepts cash sent by post. In addition to this, Mullvad accepts vouchers that can be purchased from certain stores, which can be paid for in cash. This means that Mullvad has no direct contact with the purchaser. WireGuard VPN: Secure and Fast, But Bad for Privacy? Jun 14, 2020 Mullvad VPN Review | Jan 02, 2020