How to Set Up OpenDNS on Your Wi-Fi Router

How to Block All Adult Websites using Free OpenDNS 2.) Look for ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and select it. Click on the Properties button. 3.) Change Obtain DNS server address automatically to “Use the following DNS server address and enter as primary and as the alternate. Click Okay to finish. 10 Best Public DNS Servers - TechWorm OpenDNS. The first best DNS server on the list is OpenDNS. Now owned and operated by Cisco … Find my public ip address from linux command line Oct 21, 2019

To check that, try to access a website by using its IP address instead of its name. If the IP address works, but the name doesn't, there is a DNS problem. (Consider the IP address to be "working" if any of the webpage loads.) If you don't have a DNS problem then there is something else going on. See the Support page for guidance.

What is OpenDNS? Why should I use it, and how? - pcWRT May 06, 2015 10 Best DNS servers in India 2020 - Techholicz Google Pubilc DNS Server. This is one among the quickest DNS servers that many users are using …

Cloud Delivered Enterprise Security by OpenDNS

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