An interesting VPN with a huge feature set and a surprisingly small price, Surfshark's network has recently grown to 1040 servers spread across an impressive 160 locations in 64 countries, for

Virtual privacy: 8 VPN appliances tested | ZDNet The Symantec 460 is a multifunctional firewall/VPN appliance that would suit small branch offices. It unit has seven LEDs located on the front of the unit with small icons resembling who knows what. Quick VPN Client Download? - Cisco Community Small businesses are facing the realities of the new normal and wondering how to best monitor, protect, manage and grow. Cisco understands the unique needs of small businesses and is committed to help overcome their top IT challenges. The Best VPN Routers for 2020 - PCMag UK Feb 13, 2020

Remote VPN is for individuals that need to securely login to their small business network, remotely and access the network resources. Site-2-Site VPN is for businesses with multiple offices that need to connect virtually to support data and resource access for their employees in different locations.

3 Best VPN for Small Business in 2020 – TechDator Jul 01, 2020 What Are the Best VPN Providers for Small Businesses in 2020? Small businesses, in particular, can benefit a lot from using a VPN since it’s more affordable compared to most IT security protocols. Good for you, the featured VPNs are worthy options to protect your enterprise. Even so, ExpressVPN stands out as the most suitable VPN for small businesses.

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The Best VPN Routers for 2020 | PCMag Feb 13, 2020