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Today i found out that when i connect to my VPN server using Softether Client for Windows, a route is added to the route list, that route is to IP owned by University of Tsukuba 192.168.x.x 192.168.x.x 36 Once i disconnect the route is removed why is this route added?

Jul 14, 2020 · What is Softether VPN Client? Softether VPN client is a free VPN developed at the University of Tsukuba (Japan). SoftEther means Software Ethernet; it is the world’s most powerful and easy to use multi-protocol VPN client software. The VPN can run on almost all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Moreover Displays the number of data bytes sent from VPN Server to the VPN client using the SoftEther VPN protocol (approximate number of packets actually flowing through the physical IP network). Incoming Data Size: Displays the number of virtual Ethernet frame packets sent and received and the total data size (updated in real-time).

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